Boat History

Built in 1952 by Vosper-Thornycroft at Southhampton, to a wartime design, RTTL 2748 was built as a fast air-sea-rescue vessel, to collect downed pilots and crews of aircraft ditched in the sea. Constructed of double and triple layers of planking on close frames with marine ply bulkheads and mostly aluminium brackets, she was designed to be strong, fast and manoeverable.

The first ones were fitted with three Napier engines but were soon modified to have a pair of Rolls Royce Griffin engines, giving a maximum speed of 48knots, a remarkable speed, but with a staggering fuel consumption of 60litres per minute of volatile aero-fuel. The tankroom had five tanks layed across the full width of the boat, holding 2200 gallons, which was enough for a quick dash across the channel and back.

When I acquired the boat, she was without the engines and gearboxes, so she has now been fitted with much more economical diesel V8s with modern Vdrive boxes, thus keeping the same layout. She was capable of carrying a maximum of 120 persons.

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