Restoration History

The strategy employed in the restoration of this vessel was to produce a completely sound hull and topside, with re-engineered power plants and drivetrain and a blank canvas interior which could be fitted out to the next owner's requirements. It was also decided that the cruising speed should be 18 knots with a maximum speed of 26 knots with a range of 500- 600 miles with a much more modest fuel consumption than in its original form. To this end the following works were carried out.

All outer planking above the chine was removed and any inner planks which were deemed to be unsound. All original fastenings were replaced. Below the chine the double diagonal planking was overlayed with carvel teak (while in service) and was in perfect condition, but only extended over the front two thirds of the hull. It was decided to continue the third layer of planking to the stern for extra strength. The hull was launched in 2007 and has never leaked even an thimblefull of water.

A pair of 625 hp V8 diesel engines mated to new twindisc Vdrive gearboxes were fitted to the original shafts (designed to take almost 2000hp each) mated to 22” 5 bladed propellors.
On the topside, the wheelhouse was completely rebuilt giving improved headroom and access to the flybridge.
The deck is of straight laid teak on diagonal mahogany and is the original.
Work is ongoing.
The present weight of this vesselĀ  is 21tons. Its design speed allows for the addition of 4-5 tons for fitting out the interior. Without this added weight, the props could be reprofiled to raise the top speed to 30knots.